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State Pre-School


Limerick Elementary offers the California State Preschool Program Part-Day (CSPP Part-Day).  It is a three-hour educational program for children ages three and four years old, with priority given to four year olds. The CSPP Part-Day Program provides personalized learning experiences before children enter kindergarten.


HOURS OF OPERATION: Monday through Friday during the 180 day school year, two sessions offered daily (A.M. or P.M.), 3 hours each session.

WHO QUALIFIES: Families at or below 70% of state median income. Fees are not required.

ELIGIBILITY: Children ages three and four as of September 1 of the school year, with priority given to four year olds.

ENROLLMENT: A family must complete an application and provide supporting documentation demonstrating gross family income.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: The professional development for all teachers and aides are in alignment with the California’s Pre-kindergarten Learning and Development Guidelines, State mandates for Desired Results and the Early Childhood Education Branch’s Early Education Improvement Plan approved by the Board of Education in February 2001.

CURRICULA AND LITERATURE: The core and essential documents of the Early Childhood Education Division are explicit and intentional in supporting improved student achievement. These documents are aligned to the California Kindergarten Standards in Language Arts and Mathematics. The Early Literacy Program, adopted by the District in March 2004, Developmental Learning Materials (DLM Express). DLM Express is aligned to the Open Court Kindergarten Reading Program. A variety of carefully selected books of various genres are consistently available to children. Criteria for selection of books include attention to positive depictions of cultural diversity. Teachers use a variety of strategies to encompass the diverse needs of children. The core documents utilized in all ECE Branch programs are carefully aligned to the California Standard for Language Arts and Mathematics. Recognizing the importance of what research reveals about the foundations for early learning, the ECE Branch instructional programs support maximizing school readiness in early literacy and mathematics through developmentally appropriate activities.

PARENT STRATEGIES: State and District regulations promote inclusion of parents in early education programs in meaningful ways. The Early Childhood Education Division is implementing the Parent Leadership Institute to train all parents of preschool age students in the following components: Parents as their child’s leader, parents as school leaders and parents as policy leaders.

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